Fashion Design & Technology

Entry Qualification- 10th Pass

During the one-year duration of “Fashion Design & Technology” trade a candidate is trained on Professional Skill, Professional Knowledge and Employability Skill related to job role. 

The broad professional skills covered as part of the skill training start with familiarization and identification of tools & sewing machine, sketches of female croquie and design using elements and principle of design in terms of dress. Develop different views of male & female croquie and develop designer wears based on draping techniques. Ensures quality and gets ideas about fashion merchandising and career prospect in the field.


One year


Level 4



Industry Connect

After successful coalition of the training the trainee will be awarded with National Trade Certificate. 

The trainee can become Designer; Pattern Maker (Garments) develops, designs and makes pattern for new styles of men's, women's and children's garments. Studies existing styles, develops new ideas and draws out full scale drawing of garments on paper. Marks and cuts out paper patterns of different parts of garments. Gets cloth cut according to paper patterns and gets sample garment stitched as required. 

The Syllabus of the trade may be downloaded by CSTARI Kolkata Website 


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